What You Need

An app, users, and funding.
To get started you need to design, build, and launch your app.
An app that's useful and valuable to your users, that will start getting traction.
Then you can start the real work: finding product-market fit, solid growth, and a profitable business model.

Who I work with

Startups committed to designing, building, and launching their app ASAP, without cutting corners.
Founders willing to put non-core features on the back burner.
Companies with a path to monetization and profitability, even if it might take a while (or an acquisition) to get there.

What Past Clients Say


"We were able to launch on time with users loving the app from day 1."

Christina delivered a great iOS app on a very tight timeline. Not only did she deliver what was promised on time, she guided us through all aspects of iOS from UX design through to getting the app into the App Store, and even extras like Flurry, TestFlight, and UserVoice integration.

Kareem Shehata - CTO at Dandy

"In less than 30 days Christina produced an app still has some of our other developers mesmerized"

Christina is the perfect example of the difference between hiring someone who’s just good at what they do and someone who’s great at what they do.
I couldn’t give Christina a stronger recommendation.

Matt Scobel - CEO at Dandy

"One of the brightest people I have worked with"

She has an uncanny ability to work both at the system level and deep into the code, bringing multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills to bear.
She is an effective manager and solid team player, she works hard and delivers on schedule.

Dan Murray - President at DJM Consulting

What you need to know

How long will it take to build my app?
For most startups, an iOS MVP can be created in 4-12 weeks.
Allow an extra 2 weeks for App Store approval (usually it doesn't take quite that long).

What will it cost?
Typical projects range from $20,000 to $50,000.
Rarely very simple projects can be done for less.
Rarely an app won't be viable without more work than that.

What does "ruthless roadmapping" mean?
Before you launch your app you don't know what anyone wants. People will tell you that your idea is great.
Maybe you'll win some pitch contests or even get some funding. But only the market can just product-market fit.
So we'll ruthlessly cut down your app to the core value to users.
And we'll put the rest of our ideas on a roadmap for future development,
after we know enough to judge what's worth building.

Why call it an MVP? Isn't it just an app?
If you were building Google today, you wouldn't start by building today's Google.
It's easy to get carried away and start building the company & product that you want to have when you're successful.
First we need to build that success.
The future is tempting so we keep reminding ourselves that we're building an MVP.
Then we won't spend months or years building an app that no one really wants.

Why do you call yourself Teak Mobile?
I have a sailboat with teak decks. If you install teak properly then the upkeep is minimal.
If you mess it up then you’ll be stuck working on it forever.
Kind of like software.

Let's get started on your app right now