I design and build native iPhone and iPad apps. Most of these are distributed through the App Store but in some cases they’re only used within a company, as a tool for sales people or to work with custom hardware. Over the last 5 years I’ve done every part of the process myself: starting with initial concepts then designing the interface, writing code, and submitting apps to the Apple App Store. I’ve updated apps that haven’t been touched in years and done regular maintenance on apps with plans for progressively rolling out features.

While I’m happy to collaborate with other professionals, especially great graphic designers, being involved in the process from start to finish means that the understanding I build of your business and your needs impacts every step. The code is written to suit your business, whether that means that it needs to be as flexible as possible while you feel out a market or that accessibility is key for your users.

Before I build anything, we’ll have a conversation about what you’re aiming to achieve for your business and whether an app is the right approach. If a mobile-friendly website would better suit your needs, I won’t hesitate to tell you. And if the right plan is a mix of web and native app capabilities, I’ll consult and work with web developers to make sure that we deliver the rich experiences expected on Apple’s iOS platform.


Maybe you have a great idea for an app but you’re not sure if it can be built as an app or how big of a project it would be. Or your app is 90% done but you’re not sure how to monetize it or finish polishing the user experience. Having built iPhone apps for businesses in fields from health care to sports reporting to daily deals, I can point out good approaches and potential pitfalls for monetization plans, app design, and technical details.

If you’re just thinking about an app but you aren’t sure it’s right for your business, then let’s start with a conversation about your business goals and expectations for an app. If an app is the right approach, then with your input I can design an app concept for you to consider before deciding to build the app. I love seeing the different ideas and approaches people have for apps and I’m happy to provide this service, including technical design, even if I won’t be building the app for you. Building a simple prototype app to test out an idea is an option too.

Code Review & App Store Submission

I’ve done several projects picking up from another developer just before the app is submitted to the App Store. This allows for a professional review of the code to avoid later bugs, App Store rejections and performance issues. I can also address last minute bug fixes or add those last few necessary features. Then we’ll work through getting the app through Apple’s review process and publishing it on the App Store.

I can also set up and manage a beta test so a set of users can test out the app before it’s released.

Developer Training

Need iOS developer training for your existing or newly hired team? Native iPhone and iPad development inObjective-C or Swift can cover the basics of getting started in iOS development or can be targeted to getting developers up to speed on key features for your app.

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